Tips and Ideas

Fundraising Tips & Ideas

All your fundraising efforts, big or small, are truly appreciated and go towards programs that help people with muscular dystrophy to live their best lives. We’ve got some tips and ideas to help you kick things off!

SET A FUNDRAISING GOAL Aim high, you’ll be surprised how many people will get on board. You can always change it later if you reach your goal.

START FUNDRAISING & DONATE TO YOURSELF Nothing shows commitment to the cause than donating to yourself. Top tip: people who donate to themselves raise twice as much as people who don’t. 

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ASK YOUR FRIENDS & FAMILY to support you with donations. Emails, texts, social posts, phone or video calls are all great ways to tell everyone about your challenge and ask for their support. 

ASK YOUR WORK TO MATCH YOU Many workplaces will match their employees fundraising dollar for dollar – meaning you can double your fundraising with half the work! Speak to your team or HR for their support!

SHARE WHAT INSPIRED YOU TO GET INVOLVED People are more likely to support you when they feel connected to your story. 

SUPERCHARGE YOUR SOCIALS Posting on your socials is the best way to raise awareness and funds far and wide. Make your posts engaging with emojis, photos and a personal note about why this matters to you. Include your page URL and ask others to help by donating at your page. Instagram and Facebook stories are also great to keep people updated on your progress. 

CREATE SOME INCENTIVES to encourage extra donations! Organise a crazy hair day at work or with your friends & family and give a funny prize for the best hairstyle. Or get creative with things like allowing donors to change your team name, decide what recipe you'll cook tonight, or what song to sing along to on social media. Have a little fun and smash your goal at the same time! 

FOLLOW UP WITH FRIENDLY REMINDERS We all need reminding every now and then. You’re doing something awesome for yourself, and for others, so don't be shy and remind everyone to support you. Even if you’ve asked before, people get busy or simply forget and will be grateful for the reminder. 

USE OUR TEMPLATES & RESOURCES Reaching your fundraising goal is easier with our email and social media templates and artwork. You can also use our email signature, zoom backgrounds, newsletter tile, Facebook banner, editable flyer to get the word out and encourage donations. All these resources can be downloaded at our Resources page. 

HAVE QUESTION OR NEED IDEAS? We've got you covered! Reach out anytime for personal support, or just look out for all our tips in your emails and on social. Get in touch at or 02 8986 9003.