The Challenge

Going Sugar Free for 30 days is a challenge.
Living with Muscular Dystrophy is much harder!

What     Sugar Free September

When    1 - 30 September

How      Cut refined and added sugars from your diet

Why     Give sweet opportunities to kids living with the challenges of progressive muscle wasting conditions such as Muscular Dystrophy 

The 10 Rules of Sugar Free September:

We recommend that you cut all refined and added sugars for the month of September but as there are many different types of sugars and foods that contain them, we also let you decide how much sugar you want to  remove during the challenge.

We have come up with a list of guide of 10 rules to kick you off on your sugar free journey and help you to cut the worst offending sugars from your diet!

1.      Sweetened soft drinks
2.     Fruit juices
3.     Sugar we add to tea/coffee/cereal or use in cooking
4.     Jam and spreads
5.     Biscuits, cakes and muffins
6.     Lollies
7.     Chocolate
8.     Ice cream and desserts
9.     Flavoured milks
10.    Low fibre, high sugar cereals

The Facts

Why pick on sugar? Why not something else?

Evidence is pointing to the health benefits of limiting added and refined sugars. The potential benefits of participating in the Sugar Free September Challenge are an improvement in health, increased levels of creativity and problem solving, increase in energy and wellbeing, plus all the good vibes that come with supporting some really AWESOME kids!

The last Australian health survey told us that we consume 22kg of free sugars each year, which equates to around 14 teaspoons of sugar each day. Because we may not add a lot of sugar to our foods and drinks, most of us are unaware of how much sugar we are actually consuming.

The World Health Organisation strongly recommends no more than 10 percent of our total daily energy intake come from added sugars (this is not the same as our overall carbohydrate intake) and a further reduction of sugars to below 5% totally intake is conditionally recommended.

For most adults, this works out to be no more than 25g of added or refined sugar per day (1 teaspoon holds about 4g of sugar). This works out to be 6 teaspoons for women or 9 for men.

So, what is the link between Muscular Dystrophy and sugar?

Apart from advocating healthy lifestyle choices for people living with Muscular Dystrophy there is no specific link between sugar and muscle wasting conditions. Try cutting sugar from your day and you’ll soon realise that it’s really tough...but not as tough as living with Muscular Dystrophy.

Here at Muscular Dystrophy NSW we love people who challenge themselves and use their strengths to empower others. By choosing a challenge that promotes a healthy lifestyle Muscular Dystrophy NSW aims to empower you too!

The Timing & Cost

The challenge will begin on Saturday 1 September and will finish at midnight on Sunday 30 September.

The Challenge is FREE to participate, Register Here!

The Fundraising

When you register you will be automatically set up with your own personal fundraising page. From there you can ask your friends, family and colleagues to support you during the challenge through a kind donation. The funds you raise will help to empower, connect and support kids living with the devastating challenges of neuromuscular conditions, such as Muscular Dystrophy. Your fundraising will also motivate you to stay accountable and on track.

Team Fundraising

Taking part in challenges is always more fun when you do it with other people! So why not get together with your friends, family, your local community group and take part in Sugar Free September together? Register and create your team today!

Workplace Fundraising

Take Sugar Free September into your workplace and participate in the Sugar Free September Corporate Challenge!

Click here to learn more about the Sugar Free September Corporate Challenge today.

Participating as part of a team will inspire you to stay away from those workplace snacks and sweets and you can fundraise together.