How You Help

How You Help

The funds you raise help Muscular Dystrophy NSW provide life-changing support and assistance to those affected by a neuromuscular condition to help them live longer, more fulfilled lives. 

Our work wouldn’t be possible without our wonderful fundraisers like you, here’s how you help make a difference. 

64 kids and young adults attended our Camps, Retreats and Independent Living Skills Programs over the last year to help build confidence, friendships and independence. 

Our camps allow kids with MD to have time outside of the daily challenges of their life (and a break from mum and dad!) in place where they can truly belong. We encourage campers to become more independent in their thinking and decision making and provide an environment where they can discover all that they can be. Our young adult programs are an opportunity for peers to get together with other young people like them, have some fun, and learn independent living skills they can take out into the real world. 

250 people were involved in our Peer Connect Program throughout last year to learn from and connect with others living with neuromuscular conditions. 

MDNSW has a large focus on being a community and the power of peer-to-peer connection and learning. We run weekly sessions across all ages and topics that are conducted online and in-person to help people with MD, their family, friends and carers to exchange practical and emotional peer support through facilitated discussions. 

7 people participated in our brand new Community Access & Recreation Service (CARS) since it launched in December. 

After extensive community consultation we launched our CARS program to help our members who don’t have access to affordable, safe, reliable transport the opportunity to get out into the larger community with our covid-safe van and support staffWe’ve had great success trialing the ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ experience and are looking forward to launching the ‘School Holiday Experience’ and ‘Outing’ Experiences soon! 

50 people received Support Coordination to assist them in living the life they choose 

We provide a specialised service that understands the often complex support needs of people living with a neuromuscular condition. This can include information support, home visits, advocating for NDIS plans or school and clinic visits. Our team also helps many members prepare for and implement their NDIS plans by finding services appropriate to their current needs and location. 

102 stories shared on The Peer Collective over the last year from people with lived experience of neuromuscular conditions. 

These stories, tips and advice from peers in the MD community are an important source of resources, inspiration and empowerment for others with questions or going through similar situations. Topics range from therapy and assistive technology, to travel, sport and employment, and everything in between. This resource was specially requested by our members and has been a huge success! 

See what your support means to the MD community 

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Read stories straight from the MD community on The Peer Collective to learn more about a range of topics like accessible travel, assistive technology, interesting podcasts and personal anecdotes.