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Why are you going sugar free for MD?

Help celebrate Sugar Free September by sharing why you’re taking on the challenge.
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“It’s such a good cause, and more people in the community need to step up and take action. What a better way than going sugar free to raise funds for kids with muscular dystrophy!”

Team BPC, year 11 students from Bede Polding College

Motivation Wall


I'm always up for a challenge, especially one that represents such an important cause and wonderful community of people.


I'm going sugar free for September because my cousin had Muscular Dystrophy. He passed away in 2019, aged 38. I'm doing this challenge to raise money in remembrance of him.


I'm going sugar-free not only to decrease my heavy sugar cravings and to improve my health and wellbeing but also to help others.

To kick unhealthy sugar cravings to the kerb and raise awareness while doing so!

Alyssa Hickman

At the Moment the world is a crazy place and with all this mayhem going on we forget about the people that live this craziness everyday and have done so for longer that the last 2 years. Their families give up so much everyday, what's a little sugar to raise awareness


I’m taking the challenge for Sugar free sept is for my son who has Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

To cut through the over-saturation of health trends on social media - and do something healthy that helps someone else more.

Kerry Gibbs

I believe it’s better late than never and as a former personal trainer what a great opportunity to help muscular dystrophy NSW In assisting all the wonderful people to reaching strength And reaching their personal potential...

Catalina Rua

All people with this difficult and painful situation need a better life and if we can contribute to make them happy just for a minute, I will do this a million times

Laura Baker

If we all make a small contribution to supporting those with MD, then we can make a big impact :)


As staff members of MDNSW we take every chance we can get to support our amazing muscular dystrophy community members. And this challenge is a chance for us to do something fun together as a team as well.


The muscular dystrophy community deserves all our support, especially during covid when community members are even more isolated.


I'm passionate about raising funds and awareness for the MD community! And I also have a wicked chocolate habit I need to kick :)