Lower Your Sugar Intake

Here are 8 ways to lower your sugar intake:

1. Choose water instead of soft drink, juice or cordial.

2. Save sweet treats like lollies, chocolate, cakes and biscuits for special occasions.

3. Snack on fresh fruit, nuts, yoghurt or cheese and crackers, instead of sweet biscuits, chocolate or cakes between meals.

4. Gradually reduce the amount of sugar you add to cereal, tea or coffee - that way you won't notice a difference.

5. Use natural sweeteners such as fruit or yoghurt on your breakfast cereal.

6. Use artificial sweeteners in moderation if you really can't go without the sweet taste.

7. Take some time to evaluate your sugar consumption. Perhaps even write down how much sugar you consume by noting down the information on the nutrition panels of the food you eat across one day.

8. Many of the foods we eat, especially processed foods, contain lots of sugar - far more than if we made the same food at home. Be mindful of your sugar intake and take steps to minimise just how much you have.