Buddha bowls recipe

Buddha bowls are a wonderful quick meal you can pull together even on your busiest days.


If you haven’t come across them before - they are quite simply, a mix of whole foods like meats, legumes, vegetables, rice, pickles and anything else you like. The picture above is just one example, and includes leftover chicken, roast vegetables, brown rice, greens, pickles and alfalfa sprouts.


The infographic below will give you some guidance on how to create them.

The idea is to create a quick and delicious meal in just a few minutes by having two things (or more!) from each of the eight boxes, in the fridge ready to pull into a lunchbox or onto a plate.

It’s often best to prep/cook everything you’d like and put each item in a separate container so you can mix and match each day and always have a different meal to keep you nourished and interested.

Buddha bowls can jazz up your leftovers too so be sure to include those when you have them!

Thank you to Gabby Campbell from The Tolerant Table for this delicious recipe.