Tips for staying sugar free with snacks

Choose whole foods

It’s so easy to reach for processed, packaged snacks, but unfortunately many of these are packed with sugar and will leave you with volatile energy and
feeling unsatisfied. Opt for whole food snacks instead, like fruit with nut butter, veggies with hummus, nuts or half an avocado. These will give you the healthy nutrients that keep you fuller for longer. 

Look for hidden sugars

They’re everywhere! Most people just reach for a packaged snack because it claims to be healthy but, the truth is that lots of store-bought snacks aren’t very healthy at all. It can be really hard to look at the side of a snack packet and decipher all the marketing jargon to know if it’s going to be good for you, so our best suggestion is to make some easy sugar-free healthy snacks at home, and pack them in your lunch box so you never fall victim to 3.30itis again. So, ignore those overpriced store-bought protein balls and set aside a little bit of time on your Sunday night to whip up
some refined sugar-free (but totally delicious) healthy snacks.

Snack small and often

Sugar cravings can be a sign that your blood sugar levels are unbalanced. To help maintain normal blood sugar levels, it is important to eat regularly and to consume snacks throughout the day. Choose snacks which release energy slowly, like those mentioned in the “choose whole foods” tip.