Tips for staying sugar free at dessert

Switch up your habits

Many sugar lovers need to have something sweet after a meal, especially dinner. This is very common, and something you’ll need to change slowly to curb your cravings and transform your habits. Don’t deprive yourself, but instead eat something small yet satisfying like a piece of fresh fruit, low sugar yogurt or peppermint tea. 

Avoid temptation

If you know having chocolate or your sweet treat of choice in the house is far too tempting for you, avoid buying them and stock up on healthy alternatives instead… like ingredients for the sugar free dessert recipes in our ecookbook! 

Use Fruit to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Low glycemic fruits such as berries, green apples, and fruits from the citrus family are good natural options to help you satisfy a sweet craving. These fruits provide a hint of sweetness while also providing you with a fair amount of fiber and beneficial phytonutrients. Fruit is nature’s dessert.