Tips for staying sugar free at brekkie

Prepare the night before

Low blood sugar can cause morning sugar cravings. Make sure you’re eating healthy whole foods for dinner, or your body might crave a sugar quick fix when you wake up. When this happens, grab whole grain toast or a piece of fruit instead of sugary cereals or pastries.

Poor quality sleep can also result in morning sugar cravings - which could last all day – so be sure to get enough zzzs. 

Choose whole fruit instead of juice

Fruit juice doesn’t have any of the fibre contained in whole fruit, and this fibre is what helps you feel fuller longer and helps your body absorb the fruit’s sugar in a healthier way. Because fruit juice is so concentrated, you’ll consume 2-4x more (natural) sugar from a cup of juice versus a piece of whole fruit. So, opt for whole fruit instead. Berries (cranberries, raspberries, strawberries, blackberries) are the best low-sugar fruit options.

Get some exercise

One reason you may crave sugar is because you’re lacking energy, and energy levels can be boosted by regular exercise, even if exercise may be the last thing you feel like doing. Regular exercise can also provide a distraction from your cravings and encourage you to feel good about your body, encouraging you to want to look after it, and think twice about what you’re putting in to it.

Try getting in some fitness before brekkie and see how that effects your desire for a sugary start to the day.