8 ways to lower your sugar intake

1. Choose water instead of soft drink, juice or cordial

2. Snack on fresh fruit, nuts, yoghurt or cheese and crackers, instead of sweet biscuits, chocolate or cakes between meals

3. Use natural sweeteners such as fruit or yoghurt on your breakfast cereal 

4. Many of the foods we eat, especially processed foods, contain lots of sugar - far more than if we made the same food at home. Be mindful of your sugar intake and take steps to minimise just how much you have

5. Watch out for sneaky sugar names, you can find them here:

6. Get plenty of sleep – When tired we look for things that will give us energy fast – sugar is often top of that list. Ensuring you get plenty of restful sleep can help you curb the sweet cravings

7. Avoid temptation – If you know having chocolate or your sweet treat of choice in the house is far too tempting for you…. avoid buying them regularly and make it an ‘occasional’ addition to your shopping

8. Eat plenty of protein and good fats – Protein and good fats like olive oil, avocado, nuts and seeds will help keep you full, stop the blood sugar imbalances and curb those sugar cravings. Make sure you’re having some form of protein and fat at every meal + snack. And of course, switch to a wholefoods diet in general with plenty of colourful vegetables and fruit too

Thank you to Gabby Campbell from The Tolerant Table for this helpful article.