10 tips to beat sugar cravings

1. Keep Busy

Sugar cravings generally only last for 20 minutes so get active, phone a friend or get busy tackling an item on your to-do list.

2. Eat plenty of protein and fat

Protein and good fats like olive oil, avocado, nuts and seeds will help keep you full, stop the blood sugar imbalances and curb those sugar cravings. Make sure you're having some form of protein and fat at every meal and snack. Eat and drink water regularly so you don’t get hungry, as often hunger or thirst are mistaken for cravings.

3. Plan meals and snacks

Last minute meal decisions at the end of a long day can lead us to make less than nutritious choices. This can be avoiced by planning your meals and snacks in advance. A weekly meal planner is idea - see our Meal Planner article for and example meal plan and blank template to try it out for yourself.

4. Stay hydrated

Drinking plenty of water and non-caffeinated herbal tea each day is important given dehydration can lead us to feel fatigued, which drives our sugar cravings. Thirst and dehydration can also be mistaken for sugar cravings.

5. Keep your stress in check

Most importantly, know your stress triggers. What makes you reach for the sugar? Work, difficult friends/family, overcommitting yourself? Could you calm yourself with deep breathing, a quick walk or a cup of tea instead?

6. Get plenty of sleep

When we're tired we often look for things that will give us energy fast - and that usually leads to something sugary. Ensuring you get plenty of restful sleep can help you curb the sweet cravings.

7. Look for hidden sugars

They're everywehere! Start becoming familiar with some of the other names for sugar and look out for them on product ingredient lists. Choosing products that don't contain hidden sugar iwll significantly reduce your overall intake.

8. Avoid temptation

If you know having chocolate or your sweet treat of choice in the house is far too tempting or you... avoid buying them regularly and replace them with healtheir sugar free treats instead... check our our e-cookbook for recipe ideas.

9. Ask for Help

Don’t be afraid to ask your family and friends to support you by avoiding eating sugary foods when you’re around or simply by providing an encouraging phone call every now and then.

10. And Finally... Be Kind to Yourself

Whether it’s booking a massage, seeing a movie or going to the theatre, reward yourself with something that will keep you stress free and strong through your cravings. Go on, you deserve it!

Download and print our handy cheat sheet below and stick it on your fridge to give you a boost when the cravings strike!

Thank you to Gabby Campbell from The Tolerant Table for this helpful article and cheat sheet.

Top tips to beat sugar cravings

Top tips to beat sugar cravings