The Free Sugarteers

Hi There!

We are going sugar free this September to raise funds and give SWEET opportunities to kids living with the challenges of muscle wasting conditions, such as Muscular Dystrophy.

Please help us smash our team fundraising goal by making a secure tax deductable online donation and by doing a shout out on social media to encourage others to donate and help us through!

Thanks so much for your support. Honestly, we couldn’t get through this September without you!

Thank you to our Sponsors


Chantelle Gauslaa

Well done Boo!! Proud of you!!


Cathi Young


Libby Ward



I’m very proud of you baby I’ve seen how hard it’s been lol


Jenna Taylor


Lisa Malzard

Well done Becc it’s a hard task giving up sugar




Therese Halligan

Well done on sticking with it!!


Mark And Kerry Harrison



Go team! I’d love to go sugar free but I have way too many children for that ever to happen hahaha!


Keira Brennan


Lauren Henry

Well done lovely. Good on you for being so strong xx