Roxanne Gallacher

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Want to give Roxanne a 1 day opt-out SWEET RELEASE Pass?

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Hi There!

September is my birthday mo th and I thought that rather than think about what I want, I would focus on whT I can give.

So, I am going sugar free this September to raise funds and give SWEET opportunities to kids living with the challenges of muscle wasting conditions, such as Muscular Dystrophy.

Please help me smash my fundraising goal by making a secure tax deductable online donation and by doing a shout out on social media to encourage others to donate and help me through!

Thanks so much for your support! Honestly, I couldn’t get through this September without you.

Thank you to my Sponsors


Gail Smith

You go girl!!! You got this. 🙂🙂


Hannah Symonds

You got this lovely xxx


Neil And Alison Westcott

Good on you Roxy! You’ve got this! Neil and Alison 😃



Happy birthday month Roxy! Good on you challenging yourself and helping others 💜


Townsend Lyn

Great work Rox!




Jono Boer

Happy Birthday! awesome going sugar free too! It ain’t easy but so worth it!


Lisa Ramsay

It's your birthday and you deserve a treat!


Belle Boland

What a big heart you have! Congrats Roxy xx


Aaron Kingham

Well done! Not sure I would have made it. Hope you can enjoy a wind down after this month, but keep marching onward, it'll do you wonders!



Good luck Roxanne. Great cause


Jackie Gallacher

you can do it sweetheart


Victoria Reid

So proud of you ❤ Selfless act. I hope you get spoilt with some prezzies too.. you deserve it! X




Brendon Ots


Joel Gallacher