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Day 9 - Crazy old week

Wow day nine it’s flying this year!! Ellery is still sugar free Neve is too, Trent has had a few little slip ups 🤦‍♀️. It’s been really fun having the kids on this journey with me. They are definitely complaining less then in the first few days. 
Big thank you to everyone for there donations, let’s see if we can get to my goal of $3000 this year. It’s a hard year for everyone and appreciate all the love and support. 
Ellery had a nice catch up yesterday with his team at Westmead! He is being fitted today for some night splints and also some ones to wear during the day. El is having multiple falls at the moment resulting in frequent emergency visits. He also suffers with back pain so off for a few X-rays next week to get that sorted. As usual Ellery recieved the news with a reply of “does that mean I will be able to run in the mornings and will my legs feel normal again” 🥲 always positive!! The splints are designed to get more range in the ankle and Achilles. 

Big week lots of fun, no sugar but a whole lot of love ❤️ 

Day 2- I remember now 🤦‍♀️

So day 2 sugar free! The headaches are real 🤣. But I can’t complain Ellery wakes up most days and needs medication just to get down our stairs (they are going in the renovations) he stretches and has a warm shower everyday, in the hope to feel as he calls it “normal” or like he use too. We still just take each day as it comes but things are moving faster and the questions are coming quicker. So headaches are absolutely not something I’m going to complain about (not to him anyway) sorry Trent 🤣

Bring on Day 3 fabulous family and friends already smashing the fundraising goals 🙌 


Day 1 - last 12 months

Today is day 1 of sugar free for MD, a challenge I embraced last year after Ellery’s shock diagnosis of Becker’s Muscular Dystrophy (BMD). This challenge was such a great way we could openly talk about our highs and lows and find some comfort in community support while we wrapped our heads around this diagnosis! Fast forward 12 moths lots of appointments, lots of times at hospital and in bed with fatigue but most importantly 12 months of accepting and discovering our new normal. We had a move to QLD thrown in to also 😂. Ellery is doing well we are noticing him finding things that use to be easy a little harder but in his usual positive self he just gets on with it. El now has a Trike to help him get around as bike riding was getting much to hard, he absolutely loves zipping around on this and we as a family are loving being able to get out and enjoy his new found freedom. Currently we are getting ready to put ramps into our house which we are all excited about this will make Els life a lot easier and help manage his fatigue. 
Kids are both going sugarfree with me this year 😳 let’s see how that goes! 
Wish us luck 


Day 1 - No way that’s a whole year!!

It’s hard to believe is has been a whole year since I last did my very first sugar free for MD after Ellery’s shock diagnosis. We have had a year of ups and down but always forever grateful to be on this journey together. Once again I am going sugar free this September to raise funds and give SWEET opportunities to kids living with the challenges of muscle wasting conditions, such as Muscular Dystrophy.

Please help me smash my fundraising goal we raised over $8K last year 🤯  by making a secure tax deductable online donation and by doing a shout out on social media to encourage others to donate and help me through!

Thanks so much for your support! Especially as many of you are doing it so tough this year 🙏  Honestly, I couldn’t get through this September without you.

Kendall and Ellery 

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Well done on your excellent efforts Kendall! Wishing you and your wonderful family all the very best. XX Your team at Dentavision


Mic Jen Ben Oli Vella

You are such a good woman for doing this Kendall, fantastic work.. and so impressed the kids are doing it and The Cat is trying 😂 We miss you all, sending love and best wishes your way xxxxxx


Kimberlie, Tommy & Kobe

All the best for the challenge Kendall! Sending our best vibes from Sydney - the boys to say hi to everyone too xo


Matthew, Jane, Jett & Tex Prichard

Go Team Smith! So proud of you Kendall. Lots of Love to Ellery as he continues on this journey. Awareness & fundraising all helps. We love you all!


Cathy & Tony Elliott

You go girl, you can do anything, Tony and I send you and your family the very best.



Great work you are putting into this Kendall - good luck to you, Ellery and whole family - you’ve got this !💓💓




Su-anne Stolz



Leonie Smith

We are sending lots of hugs and kisses so proud of all you do love you dearly Granma & Pa 🥰💕💖


Catherine Parks



For you my boy 💙


Denise & Norm Long

All our very best to you all with all our love always


Kristi Jones

How wonderful that the whole family is in !


Zac , Carla, Xander & Vayda


Mum And Dad Shaw

So proud of you all ❤️ All our love from Nan and Pa


Lisa Shaw

Love you all to the moon and back xxxx


The Moore’s

You guys are amazing … well done ! Love the Moores


Stace And Ben Gardiner



Well done! We all love you Big Elle xx


Kolosakas Family

Johnny says a big Hello to Ellery. Lots of love from the Kolosakas Family ❤️❤️


Todd Eadie


Sharon Bayntun

Keep up the great work Kendall, your doing a great job 😁


Dolores, Owen & The Bragg Crew

Good luck with the challenge again this year Kendall - you've totally got this. A big HI to Ellery from Owen xx


Blake Ingrey

Inspired by what you do year round, not just in September! El’s so very lucky to have you as his mum!


Sascha Gibson

Love you guys! ❤️ The Gibson’s x


The Battiwallas

Lots of love to you all, Smiths. El, we love your approach to life ❤️


Karren And Arthur

Good luck Kendall xx


Renee Murphy

You can’t do lockdown with out something sweet once and a while.


Gordo & Jerric

Amazing boy with an amazing mum ❤ You're an inspiration Kendall x


Rachel Garel Business Services



Much love to you all 🙌


Michael Reardon


Grace & Eve Moore


Rebecca Smith


Tully, Meela & Emmy


Shannon Roma

Well done Kendall x


Ana Lourenco


Zahara Anokye

Good luck and we’ll done!


Jess Yuen


Mel Evo



Alisha Clifford

Well done Kenny , proud of you xx


Tanya Alempijevic

We'll done again with your fundraising, wishing you and your family all the best for the road ahead. Our love always, the Alempi fam bam. xx


Lisa Millwood

Good luck guys! What a great cause You can do it Lisa, Brett, Trav & Abi xx


Suzie Pearce

Hope you’re all well…. Stay safe and happy 😊